Former Veterans built a House for their Friend in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Former comrades of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina brought to an end a major humanitarian action for their colleague Sead Odobasic from Bastra settlement near Bosanska Krupa. They suggested that the humanitarian organization For Life Austria, run by Bosniaks living and working in Austria, join them and build a safe roof over heads of Odobasic family.

With his wife Fadila, daughter Ajla and sons Jasmin and Ajdin, Odobasic lived in house full of moisture. Until recently, he was collecting mushrooms in the nearby woods and was feeding his family in that way.

His troubles were quickly heard, so the good people responded immediately and in just seven and a half months a new, modernly furnished and equipped house was built in the immediate vicinity of the old one.

Hundreds of donors from Austria and BiH invested more than 100,000 BAM in its construction, making the Odobasic family happy.

Odobasic says he couldn’t have dreamed of something like that. “We lived in the damp for years. We didn’t even have a bathroom. Thanks to the good people, I got a house that one can only wish. Warm, modernly decorated and equipped, clean. Heaven on earth, “said Odobasic.

According to Muamer Ljubijankic, a representative of the Austrian humanitarian organization For Life from Linz, Sead Odobasic is ninth to whom they have assisted in the construction of houses.

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