Former BiH’s Defense Minister says NATO symbolizes Stability, Prosperity

NATO represents the most efficient and most successful international organization in history, that is, a political-military alliance which symbolizes stability and prosperity and has guaranteed peace to all its members for seven full decades with its own collective security mechanism.

This was emphasized today by Selmo Cikotić, former minister of defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a keynote speaker of regular Association of Independent Intellectuals “Circle 99” on “Does Bosnia and Herzegovina has alternative for NATO?“

“Out of all international organizations, NATO is the only one with specific and efficient methods to deal with numerous modern international security risks,” said Cikotić.

Cikotić reminded that NATO path of BiH enjoyed full support from different [political options from RS for years, and now the option in power in this BiH entity says – we do not want to join NATO and we do not want to apply MAP (Membership Action Plan).

At the same time, he emphasized it is something which is an internal issue of BiH and that there needs to be a more rational, flexible and constructive approach, in the context of stagnation regarding situation of (non)adoption of the first Annual National Plan (ANP), which needs to be sent to Brussels after activation of MAP.

(Source: Federal News Agency)

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