Foreign Trade Exchange of Tuzla Canton records steady Increase?

January 11, 2018 9:30 AM

The export-import coverage in BiH is lagging behind by around 40 %, which is a bad sign for potential investors, as stated from the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH. Foreign trade exchange in Canton Tuzla records steady increase and it is largely above the average of BiH, which has the export-import coverage of 87 %. The metal and chemical industries are leading in this segment.

The volume of foreign trade exchange in TC for the period from January to November 2017 amounted to 2 billion and 800 million BAM. The value of the imported goods was one and a half billion BAM, and the exported goods amounted to one billion and 300 million BAM. When compared to the previous period, imports were increased by 16 % and exports by 23 %.

“The export-import coverage in TC amounted to 87 % in this period, which is largely above the coverage at the level of BiH and the FBiH. The largest increase of foreign trade exchange was recorded in the field of trade with mineral fuels and industrial products, which is complied with the structure of the economy, i.e. the concentration of chemical and metal industry in this region,” said the coordinator of the Center for Regional Cooperation of Cantonal Economic Chamber of Tuzla, Edina Kurtic.

The largest exporters are Sisedzam soda Lukavac, Gikil, Cimos, ALFE-MI, TMD and many others. Parts for vehicles and trucks are manufactured by UNIS TOK Kalesija. The most important foreign trade partners for companies from TC are EU countries, mostly Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Croatia.

“The main clients of UNIS TOK are groups from Germany, Italy, Romania and France that are engaged in the field of metal processing, and when it comes to wood processing, we export 85 % of these products,” said the Director of UNIS TOK Kalesija, Mensur Hukic.

Domestic exporters are competing with companies from other countries in the international market. Due to the difference in stimulation, it is harder for them to remain in the international market.



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