More and more Foreign Tourists are visiting BiH: Where are they coming from?

Interesting fact this summer is that an increasing number of foreign tourists are coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina instead of choosing holidays or trips on some exotic destinations, according to data by the Federal Bureau of Statistics.

Thus, the total number of tourists in June 2017 was 89,787, which is by 25, 7 % more in comparison to June last year, and by 13.1 % compared to July 2017. More foreign tourists visited BiH in June in comparison to domestic tourists. Thus, domestic tourists who visited BiH in June made 16.1 % of overall visits, and foreign tourists made 83.9 %. The total number of tourist overnight stays amounted to 166,973 in June this year, which is by 20.8 % more than in the same month last year, and by 13.3 % in comparison to July this year.

Among tourists who visited BiH in June, most of them were from Poland – 6885, and they also recorded the largest number of overnight stays – 15,683 or 11.2 %.

After tourists from Poland, the most numerous were tourists from Italy. Thus, 4,018 of them or 5.4 % visited BiH in June, and they realized 10,279 or 7.3 % of the overnight stays. The third among the tourists who visited BiH were those from Croatia – 5286, and they achieved 8842 or 6.3 % of the overnight stays.

There were 5668 or 7.6 % of tourists from Turkey who visited BiH, and they achieved 8436 or 6 % of the overnight stays. We also had 3595 tourists from the US, and they achieved 7724 or 5.5 % of the overnight stays.

There were 28,324 tourists from other countries who visited BiH and they achieved 57,309 or 63.7 % of the overnight stays.

When it comes to the structure of overnight stays of foreign tourists in BiH, most of the overnight stays were realized by tourists from Croatia – 8.8 % and Turkey – 8.8 %.



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