For the first Time: The Average Salary in Republika Srpska is 1000 BAM

The average monthly salary after taxation in the Republika Srpska amounted to 1,019 BAM, and this is the first time that it has exceeded 1,000 BAM, the Republic Bureau of Statistics announced.

The average salary after tax paid in July compared to June was nominally higher by 2.5 percent, and really higher by 2.6 percent.

The highest average salary after tax was paid in the area of ​​finance and insurance in the amount of 1,526 BAM, and the lowest in the area of ​​accommodation, food preparation and serving, hotels and restaurants in the amount of 729 BAM.
The average monthly gross salary in July was 1,559 BAM.

Prices of products and services used for personal consumption in the RS, measured by the consumer price index, in July compared to June are lower by 0.1 percent on average, while compared to the same month last year they are on average higher by 1, 7 percent.
The largest annual price increase of 9.9 percent in July was recorded in transport, due to the increase in fuel prices, while the largest annual price decrease was recorded in the clothing and footwear section of 9.5 percent, due to seasonal reductions in clothing and footwear during years.

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