Football: Friendly Match Between B&H and US Teams Ended with 3:4

[wzslider]By: Nevena Šarenac

The US football team defeated B&H with a score of 4:3 in a friendly match that took place last night at the stadium “Asim Ferhatović Hase”. The B&H team was leading with 2:0 after the first half.

Edin Džeko scored in the 8th minute of the game, and Vedad Ibišević scored in the 30th minute to give B&H a lead of 2:0.

In the second half of the match, the US team managed to take control and managed to equalize the score in 4 minutes. In the 55th minute Johnson took advantage of a mistake by the B&H team and the score was 1:2, and in the 59th minute Altidore equalized the score with a good shot from 15 meters.

The same player in the 84th minute brought his team an advantage with a well-executed free kick from 20 meters, and two minutes later he performed a hat-trick for a 2:4 lead.

The final 3:4 was set by Edin Džeko to finish the match. The B&H team suffered its first defeat in 18 months, and this match will serve for coach Sušić to examine all the flaws in the team ahead of the qualifying match with Slovakia in September.

The players from the B&H team last night consisted of: Begović, Spahić (from 46. Šunjić), Bičakčić, Salihović (from 46. Stevanović), Zukanović (from 63. Višća), Lulić, Rahimić (from 46. Zahirović), Pjanić (from 62. Medunjanin), Misimović, Džeko, Ibišević (from 46. Vršajević).

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