Flight to Belgium from Tuzla International Airport prolonged


The flight to Belgium, scheduled for Saturday from Tuzla International Airport (MAT), has been extended until Tuesday until the necessary permits are obtained, according to Avaz news portal.

MAT Director Esed Mujacic stated that, at the suggestion of the Ministry of Security, the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina made a decision on approving the temporary opening of the international border crossing in air traffic for passenger transport.

However, in addition to the decision, not all the necessary paperwork required for the entry of our citizens into Belgium has been completed.

“We expect that part of the work will be completed by Tuesday,” said Mujacic.

Bosnian Border Police, the competent entity epidemiological and health services and the Tuzla International Airport are in charge of the implementation of the decision of the BiH Council of Ministers.


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