Five Spots for Book Lovers in Sarajevo

Winter is the perfect time to get comfortable on your sofa, grab a hot tea and read a book. And when the weather is better and you feel like taking a walk in a park, there are many places around Sarajevo where to learn about literature. Our team of spotters put together a list of 5 spots for all book lovers!

Bookstore Svjetlost – Store of knowledge

Photo by Merima Ademovic

The name means “the light” and it has a decade long tradition as a trusted company for Bosnian people. Bookstore Svjetlost customers with important national and international titles from very well-known authors. Our suggestion is to take your time to really explore the whole store, as they have a lot of interesting classic and modern literature titles. No, this is not a place for mainstream books! Rather, you should put it on your wish list if you want to know more about Serbian culture, history and art. Also, here you can find an infinite selection of high quality school and office supplies! If you are the kind of person that loves buying nice notebooks and colored pens, we really recommend a visit.

The Multicultural Man – Educational park

Photo by Naida Kurdija

Take a nice stroll through the center of Sarajevo and end up in Liberation Square. Here, you will find a park that’s very popular among locals and is a real paradise for literature and culture lovers. Liberation Square Park hosts the largest number of statues of famous writers in the city. Read the inscription to find out their names and write them down to know what to look for on your next trip to the bookstore! The biggest statue is the Multicultural men. It depicts a naked man surrounded by doves of peace and represents tolerance. It was created Francesco Perilli and was donated by the Italian Government in 1997.

Another interesting feature: there’s a big chess board painted on the square, and you will often find people playing on it. A very interesting way to meet locals that we totally recommend you try out.

Luster – Cosiness above all

Photo by Lea Petrovic Numic

Cafes and books are the perfect duo for a relaxing afternoon and if you’re in Sarajevo, we recommend you stop by at Luster. The first thing you will notice entering the shop is that it is really small, which makes it even more cozy and warm. This means it’s the perfect place to socialize as well: people tend to be very friendly during their coffee breaks! 

We suggest you bring a book which will make it even easier to break ice.The neighborhood where Luster can be found is a hidden gem as well. Away from the chaotic center and the crowded tourist sights, it’s situated in a quiet area with a lot of green space and parks. Really an ideal place for a break from a long day of sightseeing!

Books.ba – Print is not dead!

Photo by Lea Petrovic Numic

If you love reading but don’t speak Bosnian, finding a bookstore to fit your needs might be challenging. This, especially if you are looking for quality literature, and a welcoming, cozy place whose owner is willing to engage in conversation and exchange knowledge. Well, search no more – books.ba is your place! Here you will find a vast and varied selection of books, all in English, and a fine music playlist to welcome you. As we said, the staff is not like any other store because here, the goal is not just to sell books. Books.ba aims to entertain, inform, educate and improve life skills of his visitors, and they believe in doing so to create a better future. In our opinion, this is a gem you cannot miss if you are a culture lover.

Hub Homework – Productivity and fun

Photo by Alan Dardagan

This place was originally made for students and freelancers, and it’s a very modern, cozy and comfortable place. Hub Homework situated in a nice and central neighborhood which makes it very easy to find. It’s a perfect place to read, chill and eat a bite! What’s interesting here is that it’s a very dynamic place where a lot of things are going on all the time: not just a classic cafe! Many associations and businesses are regularly organizing activities to spread awareness about what they do. Also, they are often offering meetings and workshops to help students choose a university, better organize their studying, know about learning classes and experiences abroad, and much more.

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