Five Clusters of Coronavirus Infection in Canton Sarajevo, 79 People tested


The latest epidemiological report of the Crisis Staff of the Federation of BiH says that a total of 79 people have been tested in the Canton of Sarajevo so far, and the latest report states that five clusters, or sources of contacts for the potential spread of coronavirus infection, are known, Klix.ba news portal reports.

Statistics for Sarajevo Canton are as follows.

There are currently 1,569 people in self-isolation, and the period of self-isolation has expired for 283 people, nine cases have been confirmed so far, one of which is fatal.

There are currently five clusters in Sarajevo Canton, namely “Konjic” (link to the Igman company anniversary celebration), “Image” (the authorities did not provide details of this cluster, and it is linked to a man employed as a waiter who has been confirmed to have a virus after attending the celebration in Konjic), “Chamber of Commerce” (infected president of Federak Chamber of Commerce after attending Igman celebration, but afterwards attending chamber meetings), “Private Company” (This is a company with 23 employees in which a woman who passed away worked) and the “Bus” cluster (a bus that arrived from Turkey on March 19 and had a coronavirus confirmed last night).

Three clusters in Sarajevo Canton have emerged in the last 48 hours.

Sarajevo Canton Prime Minister said the epidemiological service will monitor everything and that all contacts will be tested.

Epidemiologist Aida Pilav has said she will follow the World Health Organization (WHO) strategy according to the size of the problem. Police Minister Ismir Jusko said it was planned to organize forced isolation for those who violate self-isolation and that certain locations were already agreed.

He also stressed that those who violate curfew for the second time will no longer be fined 500 BAM, but will be punished by imprisonment.




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