First Performance of Forum Theatre ‘Will you help Lejla’

nasilje-u-porodiciThe first performance of the forum theatre ‘will you help Lejla’ will take place tomorrow in the elementary school “Osman Nakaš” in Sarajevo starting at 13:00, and after that in Zenica on 4 December and Prijedor on 6 December.

The author of the text and stage settings is Dubravka Zrnčić-Kulenović and executive producer is Marijana Dinek.

This year, the campaign of 16 days of activism is dedicated to the topic of violenceunder the motto ‘from peace in the home to peace in the world’.

Puppetry Studio Sarajevo, together with Foundation B&H Women’s Initiative, is a partner in the implementation of the project Forum Theatre-violence in the family.

‘Will you help Lejla’ is the name of a model story that explores the theatrical articulation of various forms of domestic violence with the goal to actively involve the pubic in solving problems, so they could contribute to solving this situation and in this way become aware of the significance of the experience.

(Source: Fena)

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