The First Laboratory for Testing of Motor Characteristics of Liquid Fuels opened in BiH

lab-for-testing of oil-characteristicsInstitute of Metrology of BiH opened the first Laboratory for reference testing of motor characteristics of liquid fuels in our country yesterday in Mostar.

With the support of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and its program of international development, the Centre for International Cooperation and Development of Slovenia (CMSR) and in cooperation with the company Herkon Ltd. Mostar, the newly established laboratory will be the first one that covers all the parameters described by the European standards EN 590 for diesel fuel and EN 228 for gas fuel in accordance with the corresponding EU Directive 2009/30 / EC.

“Good cooperation between the two countries is important for the development of joint projects in the future because we have compatible economies. In 2015, Slovenian investments in BiH amounted to 460 million EUR and increased by 5% from a year earlier. While investments from BiH to Slovenia also arose and amounted to 32 million EUR in 2015 and represent an increase by 23% than in 2014,” said State Secretary Eva Stravs Podlogar.

About the importance of the new laboratory spoke Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Mato Franjicevic, and he noted that this is a steps towards better regulation of the market of oil and oil products. He also added that this is a step towards protecting the environment and reducing air pollution. Gasper Jez from CMSR said that in cooperation with the Institute for Metrology of BiH they equipped three laboratories, including the donation for this one in the amount of 900,000 EUR.

“This laboratory will bring order to the market of BiH when it comes to oil and oil derivatives, but for this is necessary to provide the legal basis, as well as inspection bodies to establish the order in the market of BiH to EU standards,” said Jez. Bernard Jovanovic, Director of Herkon thanked the institutions of the Republic of Slovenia on the extremely valuable donation as well as the Institute for Metrology of BiH that have recognized a reliable partner, and emphasized that the main objective of testing fuel quality is comparison with the quality of the fuel prescribed by European standards.


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