The First International Trail Race in the Protected Monument of Nature “Skakavac”

The first international trail race will take place on October 7, in the protected monument of nature “Skakavac”. Start of the race is planned at 9 AM in front of the Mountain House “Hidrogradnja”, and a 32-kilometer race will start from Cavljak, while 18 kilometers long race will start from the settlement Uzevica at 11 AM. The goal of both races will be on the location of Josanicki Potok.

“Longer trail is limited to 10 hours and shorter to 6 hours, so that everyone can participate and experience the magic of trail running and enjoy the unique beauty of Skakavac,” they said.

The races will be held in the territory of three municipalities of Sarajevo: Stari Grad, Centar, and Vogosca. Besides promotion of healthy lifestyle and trail running, the organization of these races will serve to promote the natural beauty, the preservation of the environment and the improvement of the tourist offer of BiH.

“What is particularly making us happy is that several embassies of our friendly countries are included in this story as well, so we will have ambassadors participating in the races and races will also be opened by ambassadors who decided to support this project,” as announced by MA Zeljeznicar.

They noted that the greatest attention will be given to the safety of the participants so that the trails will be fully covered by teams that will take care of the safety and provide assistance if needed at any moment.

“Our wish is to become recognizable through the organization of this race not only in BiH, but to become a real brand abroad as well and to get the trail running closer to everyone in order to promote the natural beauties of our country in a better way, and to achieve affirmation and improvement of the tourist offer of BiH,” they noted.

All the information on how to participate and apply to Skakavac Trail can be found on their website and Facebook page.


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