Finally ensured all the Money for the South Longitudinal?

south longitudinateOn Monday, the second amendment to the agreement on the realization of the project on financing the construction of the South longitudinal between transversal II and IV in the length of 900 meters and which is worth about 7 million EUR, was signed in Sarajevo. The agreement was signed by the Director of the Directorate for Roads of the Canton Sarajevo – Nermin Drnda and Ian Brown, Head of the Office of EBRD, who provided the missing 6 million EUR.

“The works will start with the signing of the contract with the contractor. The procedure has already been completed, but the contract has not been signed due to the lack of funds for the realization of this section. Therefore, this today is a precondition for signing the contract with the contractor, which already has a building license and now, after some formal things, we will access to the signing of contract, “said the Director of the Directorate for Roads of the Canton Sarajevo, Nermin Drnda.

The part with a residential building, which is intended for demolition, has not been taken into account and due to the complexity of the problem, it has been left to the implementation of the second phase of the project. As explained, the road cannot be constructed until a new building is finished, and the old one removed. In order to avoid waiting in that long process, it was decided to realize a section that is formally and technically “clean”.

“We are in a hurry to get formal things done and to start with preparatory work on the reconstruction of the South longitudinal,” said Drnda, and noted that the works on the road will start “as soon as possible”.

“EBRD is very pleased to help Sarajevo and we are interested to continue the cooperation. This is just a small part of a longer story of our long-term cooperation that is not limited to the roads. As you know, we are working with Canton Sarajevo to prepare the project for reconstruction of water supply system,” said the representative of the EBRD, Ian Brown.

The section which the machines will access to is the road between the intersections of Grbavicka, Hamdije Cemerlica and Zvornicka Street to the crossroads of the Azize Sacirbegovic Street and Zvornicka Street, where  a large roundabout is planned.

The signing of the contract with the contractor is expected at the end of the next week, and the works will start when the contractor delivers a dynamic plan of implementation, project of regulation of traffic and public transport, and after receiving the permission for excavations.

The works will last for 365 days, and the continuation of the construction of the South longitudinal towards Dobrinja, that is the A transversal, depends on funding.

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