How was the Fight for Workers’ Rights led in the Past?  

izlozba_price_o_dostojanstvenom_radu_fbHistorical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina decided to make an exhibition on decent work.

On this occasion, employees of the Historical Museum were looking for employees of the shopping mall Sarajka, the hotel Holiday Inn, enterprise Feroelektro, center Skenderija… In this way, they wanted to see what the life of workers in stores and catering services looked like.

All citizens who have photographs of these facilities and their employees, some of the items related to the topic, or those who know people who can help in the making of this exhibition were given an opportunity to participate.

With the exhibition “Stories about decent work”, the Historical Museum of BiH will mark the World Day of Decent Work. The exhibition was prepared by the Union of Workers in Trade and Catering Services in BiH, in accordance with the museum.

The exhibition speaks about the history of the joint fight for workers’ rights, the development of trade in BiH, and it will be opened on Friday, October 7, at 6 pm.

“Stories about decent work” is an illustrated collection of stories about work in BiH, comprised of the formal ones that have already entered the history and the informal ones, whose voices still strongly echo in the society.

The exhibition takes the visitors through the history of the joint fight for decent work in BiH and illustrates the attitude of the society towards working in different periods and political systems.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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