Fifty Citizens of BiH were not allowed on the Plane to Sarajevo, Eurowings demanded a Coronavirus Test

An unpleasant situation happened on Saturday at the airport in Stuttgart when the company Eurowings banned 50 citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina from boarding in a plane to Sarajevo.

This was confirmed for by Ernad Comaga with an address in Frankfurt, who was at the airport in Stuttgart at the time.

He said that among the passengers who were prevented from returning to Sarajevo were children, pregnant women, elderly people …

“People booked a ticket via Eurowings and arrived at the airport two hours earlier, all according to regulations. However, a problem arose. The queue was huge, one man was working at the counter. A few people who were in front of me and the rest of us, one man stepped aside, telling us that those who do not have a negative test for COVID-19, and are citizens of BiH, cannot fly “, Comaga explained, adding that in the group that was prevented from returning home there were at least 50 citizens of BiH.

People then, seeing what was happening, he continues, began to protest.

“We were told that allegedly based on information from the BiH Border Police we are not allowed to travel and that we cannot enter BiH if we do not have a negative test. People were surprised. We checked this information quickly with the BiH Border Police and none of that was true,” claims Comaga.

It is strange to him, he adds, because even for certain passengers who had a negative test, the trip was canceled for unknown reasons.

“Based on the official information of the BiH Border Police, BiH citizens do not need a negative test when entering BiH. I do not see the point. Disappointed passengers tried to contact the BiH Embassy in Berlin and consulates, where no one answered, not even the phone for emergencies, “says one of the passengers from Sarajevo.

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