Fifteen Members of Islamic Community and Priest from Travnik at the Opening of the Many-Coloured Mosque!

During the ceremony of the Many-Colored Mosque in Travnik, among the thousands of visitors, there was also Goran Zivkovic, a priest from Travnik.

The Many-colored mosque is a symbol of Travnik, but also one of the most famous tourist attractions of this place. After almost two years of the reconstruction process, it opened doors for all visitors on Sunday.

Nearly 5,000 visitors were present at the ceremonial opening of the reconstructed mosque.

Especially beautiful is the photo of 15 imams from the Islamic Community of BiH and Travnik Priest Goran Zivkovic, Klix.ba news portal reports.

This photo shows the multiculturality of BiH and the fact that the mosque is opened not only for Muslims but for all visitors, no matter to which religion they belong.

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