FIFA Bosnian Team done the Job: Download a Mod of Premier League for FIFA 15

FIFA BosniaFIFA Bosnia team, finished the job on the mod of BHT Premier Leagues, that can be downloaded completely free by all lovers of a popular football simulation FIFA  15.

A mod was created by the three gamers, Miodrag Kovacevic (15) from Nevesinje, Meho Alihodzic (27) and Amir Vehabovic (22) from Tuzla, who are the members of FIFA Bosnia Team.

Mod is consisted of 16 clubs from BHT Premier League, 16 club from the 1st League of the FB&H, and players can also play a Cup B&H which is participated by 32 clubs. FIFA Bosnia team created BH clubs, players, flags, jerseys, logos, advertisements and more.

Also, besides the promotion of BH football, gamers decided to promote domestic companies at the opening sequence, as well as on banners around the field. Klix.ba got a special attention, because it helped young gamers to present their work.

Members of FIFA Bosnia team are satisfied with the job.

“When you take into account a very short time that we had to create a mod, two and a half months, we are very satisfied, mod is tested at the manager mode and player carrer mode and works without problems. Some bugs may be found, but we corrected all we have found.

(Source: klix.ba)

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