FB&H Ministry of Education: 519.000 BAM for Research Projects

ministar_masicThe contract on co-financing/financing of scientific-research projects and research development projects in FB&H for 2013 was signed today at the premises of the government of FB&H in Sarajevo.

The contracts were signed by the FB&H Minister of Education and Science Damir Mašić and rectors of the public higher education institutions and directors of scientific institutions. Members of the Council for Science of the FB&H Ministry of Education and Science attended this event.

The Ministry supported 35 projects in 6 scientific fields (natural sciences, technical sciences, biotechnology sciences,  social and humanities sciences and biomedical and health) during this year and a total of 519.000 BAM was allocated for these projects.

A consultative meeting on the current situation in the field of science and higher education in FB&H was held after the contract signing, announced the FB&H Ministry of Education and Science.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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