Fair of Business Ideas in Bratunac

businessAs a part of the event ‘Days of Raspberry Bratunac 2013’, which is organised by the association ‘Friends of Srebrenice’ a Fair of Business Ideas and 20 young entrepreneurs from Srebrenice, Bratunac, Milići will present their business ideas at the fair.

Second regional Fair of Business Ideas will be held on 28 June in Sports Hall in Bratunac, starting at 11 a.m.

Business ideas that young entrepreneurs will present mainly deal with agriculture, dairy industry, fruit production, as well as other services.

The fair is an annual activity of the project ‘Youth Info Centre 2011-2014’ which is supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands to BiH.

The aim of the fair is to recognised and support good business ideas of young people and to make conditions for the self-employment of young people, primarily in agriculture, and services. During the fair, business ideas of young people from the region will be presented to potential donors and investors, who might get interested in helping new businesses.

Organisers of the Fair of Business Ideas will create an award fund for the best business ideas, which will be chosen by the Commission of representatives of relevant institutions and organisations.

From January to April 2013, the Association has organised trainings from the field of business planning and development of business plans in Srebrenica, Bratunac and Milići municipality, and young people had the chance to make their own business plans.

Last year a similar fair was also held in Bratunac and three awards were given to the most promising business idea, the best business plan and the most innovative business idea.


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