Facility “Swisslion Takovo” in Nevesinje Will Be Open From March 2014

Swisslion_takovo_8daf1_250x250The President of the RS Milorad Dodik said yesterday that the RS government would help in the realization of the project of opening the food industry and prestigious clinics that should start in Nevesinje from next year.

After the visit to the facility where the food industry would open, Dodik thanked the majority owner of “Swisslion Takovo” Rodoljub Drašković for such an investment, which would solve the huge problem of unemployment.

Speaking on the realization of the project, Drašković said that this investment in Nevesinje is worth 15 million euros and that the construction works would be finished in one month and a half, after which the necessary equipment would be installed.

Drašković announced that until March of next year this factory would start with six lines of a wide range of food products, in which 150-200 people would be employed.

He also announced that the huge investment in Trebinje is worth 70 million euros, which includes the opening of a new factory of the food industry in which 650 people would be employed.


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