FACE TV: Feature Film ‘K-Pax’

FILM_K-PAX-02In the program of FACE TV, on Monday, 16 December 2013 the film of the week ‘K-Pax’ will be shown at 22:10. This is a quality and proactive film that will make you explore in your logic beyond what you perceive as possible.

‘K-Pax’ is a film directed by Lain Softley, and it follows a man called Prot. After an incident, he is placed in a mental institute. He is taken care of by Dr. Mark Pavel who tries to uncover the mystery why this patient claims to be from another planet. This quickly becomes a major challenge for the doctor, because Prot very quickly, through his attitude, relations and way of behaving becomes extremely compelling. The main roles are plaed by Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges and Mary McCormack.

(Source: Press Office FACE TV)

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