Expulsion Measure for 54 Foreign Citizens during Last Week

In the last seven days, the Service for Foreigners has issued an expulsion measure for 54 foreign citizens. In accordance with its competencies, the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs carries out intensified activities for the control of the movement and stay of foreigners aimed at controlling places where migrants gather, as well as inspection supervision over legal and natural persons providing accommodation services.

Inspectors for foreigners, in cooperation with police officers, carry out joint activities in the area of Sarajevo, Bihać, Velika Kladuša, Zenica, Travnik, Donji Vakuf, Tuzla and Kalesija.

These activities resulted in the discovery of foreign nationals who entered or resided illegally on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Service for Foreigners said.

As a result of the above activities in the last seven days, the Service for Foreigners has issued a measure of expulsion for 54 foreign citizens with a ban on entry and residence in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including citizens of Morocco, Turkey, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Pakistan and Algeria.

The mentioned persons were placed under supervision in the Immigration Center or their movement to a certain place was restricted until they left the territory of BiH. During the mentioned period, the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs removed 15 foreign citizens from the territory of BiH to the country of origin or the country that accepts them, among whom are citizens of Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tunisia and Morocco. According to the readmission agreement, seven people were returned to the Republic of Serbia, while three people were returned to Montenegro.

There are currently 5,495 migrants in temporary reception centers. Since the beginning of 2020, 13,436 migrants have been the subject of the work of the Service for Foreigners, of which 12,690 have expressed their intention to apply for asylum. In the last seven days of the work in question, there were 477 migrants, 421 of whom expressed their intention to apply for asylum, the statement said on Friday.

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