Exports of Flour from BiH to Turkey significantly increased?

March 10, 2017 8:45 AM

sarovic-696x456Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Mirko Sarovic held a working meeting with the producers and main exporters of grain and flour of BiH, where they discussed the prospects of the milling industry for this year, especially from the aspect of ensuring the continuity of free trade and exports of these goods to the Republic of Turkey.

“We were preparing for this meeting for several months. We wanted to gather the main exporters and producers of grains. This is a growing sector in BiH, despite the problems that they have. Most of the exports of these products is in Turkey, almost 95 % of it,” said Sarovic, accompanied by Goran Mirkovic from Zitopromet and Nihad Imsirevic from Klas.

The results from 2016 are excellent.

“We have an increase of exports to Turkey when it comes to cereals from 12,000 tons to 70,000 – 80,000 tons, while the export of flour was increased from 4,000 tons to 70,000 tons, which represents an increase of almost 16 times, thus from 15-16 million to 65 million” said minister, noting that these are quite impressive results.

He said that their intention is that the arrangement with Turkey and other countries is long-term and in favor of the 40 mills in BiH, which recorded a significant jump in their percentage of work, i.e. employment and a large number of hired labor force.

It was also noted that the Turkish inspections are checking the origin for several months and it is in the interest of all the institutions to support this work and to make it long-term, that it is done correctly and to prevent any fraud and repacking. This was the unanimous conclusion of the meeting.

Turkey will try to put this issue on the table through a free trade agreement.

“Our intention is that export arrangement in 2017 has even better perspective and to help as much as we can,” said Sarovic.

“I am pleased that the attitude of all present is to strengthen controls in order to preserve this good job. This is a prospect for BiH,” said Vasic and emphasized increased interest of Turkey for control of the increased export.

(Source: A. P./Klix.ba)


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