Exhibition opened in City Hall marks Sarajevo Purim


The opening of the exhibition and the promotion of the book by Eli Tauber on Sunday night marked the “Sarajevo Purim” at the City Hall, an event that took place more than 200 years ago when the Sarajevo Muslims rescued several prominent Sarajevo Jews together with the city’s rabbi.

“We have gathered for an exceptional social and cultural event – the “Sarajevo Purim”, which carries the symbolism of a harmonious life between Jews and Muslims in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our traditional ties to each other are invaluable. There was always enough room for everyone in this city and it was the same for the exiled Jews from Spain, who were accepted here in BiH without any conditions or barriers,” said the Deputy Mayor of the City of Sarajevo, Ivica Saric.

The fact that most people today, in Sarajevo and BiH, are worthy of the humanistic heritage from their history, will be eloquently testified by numerous facts from the distant past, but also the recent past. The “Sarajevo Purim” also speaks about that.

“I believe that we will continue to successfully cooperate on joint projects, live together and practice dialogue, coexistence, neighborhood culture. To preserve, nurture and remember our history and rich heritage – for ourselves, and especially for our future generations,” said Šarić.

The President of the Jewish Community in BiH, Jakob Finci, and the author, Eli Tauber, said that Purim is an important date for all Muslims and Jews and that it shows that these two communities have always lived in harmony in BiH.

“The ‘Sarajevo Purim’ is a unique event because people here saved the Jews,” Tauber pointed out.

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