Exhibition ”Exodus” by Safet Zec will be bought off by Italians

The exhibition ”Exodus” of the prominent BH artist Safet Zec, which opened in Venice at the ”Santa Maria della Pieta” church at the beginning of May, at the same time when the Venice Biennale began, after seven months, it will be solemnly closed at the end of November.
As Safet told from his Italian studio, the exhibition caused a great interest of the Italian public, but also professionals, with more than 1.000 visitors in just one day.
To recall, the ”Exodus” exhibition of paintings is consisted of 17 specially stored large papers on canvas, five of which are the great polyptych, of a “sad boat” devoted to refugees, miserable people who ”swim across” the Mediterranean to save themselves.
Mostly because of Safet’s highly professional way of speaking about the dramatic things that we experience, for the first time in the history of its existence, the church ”Santa Maria della Pieta” invited the artist to contribute to the great general remembrance of modern civilization with his paintings. This church helps orphans of the world, since its establishment in 1346.
”The exhibition had a good response, and all the catalogs were sold out. New journeys are expected now, there are many offers, and an initiative that will certainly be done, that the paintings need to be bought off and that the exhibition becomes part of the permanent setting of one of the Italian galleries in Venice. Before that, the plan is to place the works in the Parliament of Rome, which rejoices me, because these are the works that need to be shown in places where politicians meet, people who form our lives, ” Zec emphasized.
He pointed out that the Mayor of Sarajevo, Abdulah Skaka, will also attend the closing ceremony in the church of ”Santa Maria della Pieta”.


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