Exercise of Evacuation from the Sarajevo Cable Car successfully conducted

April 6, 2018 8:00 AM

A rescue exercise from the Trebevic cable car was conducted at the locality of Colina kapa in the settlement of Jarcedoli before its official putting into operation.

Participants of the rescue exercise “Evacuation from the Sarajevo Cable Car” were members of the Federal Administration of Civil Protection, the Alpinist Team of the Federal Police Administration, members of the Unit of Support for Canton Sarajevo and GSS “Trebevic”.

The readiness of the participants in all expected and unexpected situations in case of its malfunction was demonstrated during the exercise.

It was also noted that this exercise was conducted in order for everyone who choose to replace their cars and other means of transportation by cabins of the cable car to be safe.

Fahrudin Solak, the Director of the Federal Administration of Civil Protection, noted that the Trebevic cable car was primarily a symbol of the city of Sarajevo, and he added that this city really deserves it.

“This is very important for us. I am really hoping that this area of Trebevic will be brought to life, because it is great and we only need something to start it. Maybe this cable car will be the initiator of change for the entire Trebevic, maybe some ski trail will be started, and maybe even the bob-trail will be restored. We have some great potential and I wish all the best to the leaders of the city, as well as to anyone who participated in this project,” said Solak.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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