EU gives 2.5 million € : Mostar will have Soon the First Sports and Cultural Center

DSCN1188The long-awaited completion of the construction of a new sports and cultural center in Mostar will soon become a reality.

International Funding will cover the costs of  the building of this center, which should not only accommodate sports and cultural events, but also will strengthen the integration of diverse ethnic and social groups in the southern part of B&H.

“The overall objective of the project is the development of social infrastructure, which will facilitate the integration of diverse ethnic and social groups. The project would fill a gap in the cultural and sports facilities, would strengthen social integration through improving social conditions and the quality of  life in the urban area of ​​Mostar, and will contribute to the creation of the conditions for sustainable development of this very important city of the southern part of B&H”, said the Project Manager of Western Balkans in the Investment Framework of the EU in B&H, Svetlana Vukmirović for SETimes.

“The city since 1945 has been waiting for a sports center. We can only imagine how much this center means to athletes. The conditions for sports are currently very poor. Currently there are only two small school’s sports centers that can not accommodate even 200 people. We will all be involved, and even on construction works  if  it is necessary, just to build this Center “, stated the Director of Sports Association of Mostar,  Hasan Šišić for SETimes.

The construction of sports and cultural center in Mostar has began in 2007, but the works have been stopped due to the lack of money.

“Until now, it is built the basement with garage, an area of ​​about 28.000 square meters. Of course, finances are a problem in such cases, especially in the Balkans. We are waiting for the Development Bank of the Council of Europe to approve the additional funds so that we can continue with the further constructions. Once we get the funding, the Center should be completed in two years”, said for  SETimes, Edin Prašo, the Office Director for Construction.

The project is jointly funded by Western Balkans Investment Framework of the European Union and other international financial institutions to support the socio-economic development and the accession of the Western Balkans to the European Union.

Mostar authorities say that the new center from 2016 will be able to accommodate 4.000 people. EU gives 2.5 million € , of which 550.000 €  for the project preparations and technical assistance, while 2 million of euros as subventions for interest payments of the loan. It is expected that the Development Bank of the Council of Europe to provide 26 million euros.


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