EU donates significant Amount of Books to Schools in BiH

Ceremonial handovers of 3013 books for ten educational institutions in Sanski Most and Oštra Luka were carried between 17 and 19 October 2017, within the EU-funded project for assisting affected municipalities in improving the their early flood warning system and supporting flood recovery – SAFE.

In gratitude, the schools organised events on ecology and environmental protection as well as small shows. The ceremonial handovers were attended by representatives of the municipal civil protection services and other subjects of the protection and rescue system.

On the first day, 17 October, handovers were carried out for three primary schools in Oštra Luka, where a total of 1,234 books were donated. The books were donated to the elementary schools “Petar Škundrić”, Josif Pančić and “Desanka Maksimović. The events were attended by school management while the students organised various events, discussed ecology and the importance of protection of the environment.

On the second day, some 610 books were donated to three educational institutions in Sanski Most: Elementary school „Fajtovci“, Elementary school „Skender Kulenović“ and Elementary school „Mahala“. The ceremonial handover was completed by the visit of the Public Library Sanski Most, which received 221 books through the project “SAFE”. The director of the institution, as well as his closest associates, was present at the formal ceremony.

The last day of handovers was reserved for schools that suffered the biggest damages during the May 2014 floods. The Elementary school “Prva Sanska Škola”, the oldest school in Sanski Most, which was founded in 1886, received 541 books. The handing over of books was attended by the school management together with teachers, as well as parents of students who organised thematic events on ecology and cleaned the schoolyard.

In total 221 books were donated to the Elementary school “Hasan Kikić”. The handover was attended by the management of the school, while the students organised numerous thematic events on ecology and environmental protection attended by a large number of parents. Also, the students participated in the cleaning of the schoolyard.

The last ceremonial handover took place in the “Mixed Secondary School” when 186 books were donated to this school institution.

The project “Assistance to affected municipalities in improving the early flood warning system and supporting the flood recovery – SAFE” is funded by the European Union in the amount of EUR 195,000, and implemented by the Centre for Security Studies.

(Source: europa)

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