Erdal Trhulj as the First Ambassador of Knowledge from B&H

Erdal Trhulj

The Life Learning Academia Organization for Certification and Professional Management of Expert and Integration Processes in the field of knowledge, awarded a prestigious award “Ambassador of Knowledge“to Erdal Trhulj, former Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry of FB&H.

An award ceremony took place in the elite Congress center Brdo near Kranj under the high auspices of the president of the Government of Slovenia, Dr. Miro Cerar.

A prestigious award “Ambassador of knowledge,” was given to Trhulj by Dr. Anja Kopac Mrak, Minister of Work, Social Policy and Gender Equality of the Republic of Slovenia in the presence of the president and director of Life Learning Academy, Andreja Jernejic Vizjak and Marjetka Kastner.

The ceremony was attended by a large number of guests, from more than 20 countries, from the fields of science, business, academia and public life.

The newly appointed Ambassador of Knowledge, Erdal Trhulj announced that he is honored with the award, especially because of the fact that he is the first Ambassador of Knowledge coming from B&H. Trhulj had an opportunity to exchange opinions with ambassadors of knowledge from more than 20 countries and warned of the need to work on creating a society of knowledge in B&H, as the main pre-condition for the general progress and the development that the entire country, especially youth are tending.

(Source: nap.ba)

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