Epidemiologists warn: Coronavirus will return in BiH after the Summer

Epidemiologists in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) warn that COVID is returning after a short summer break. The number of vaccinated in our country is not promising. It is clear to everyone that we are unprepared. The citizens, it seems, no longer care about the measures.

The data of the World Health Organization (WHO) confirm thatthe situation is complicated. There was a 50 percent increase in coronavirus infections in 228 countries. The trend of increase of infections is also noticeable in BiH. Most newly infected are in the Herzegovina-Neretva, Sarajevo, and West Herzegovina cantons.

When it comes to Republika Srpska (RS), the total number of patients in the hospital is 78. A severe clinical picture caused by the coronavirus is recorded at 12 patients who are being treated at the University Clinical Center of RS in Banja Luka. Even though there were no cases for a month and a half, a new patient with COVID was registered in Bijeljina.

And vaccination, we have known for a long time, is not going well. At first, we didn’t even have vaccines, and then the citizens’ lack of interest in immunization followed. Epidemiologists’ analyzes show that 95% of newly infected people have not been vaccinated. The Institute of Public Health of Tuzla Canton also warns of the importance of vaccination, where 11 new cases of Covid-19 have been registered, BHRT writes.

Autumn is near, and we are unprepared. That is why vaccination is now being organized without notice. It will be organized in such a way today in the hall of the Banja Luka Fair, as well as in rural and suburban family medicine clinics. The cantons should get Sinopharm vaccines today, which the Federation procured directly. Are we late?


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