Epidemiological Situation in Brcko District is unstable with Great Number of Persons infected with COVID-19

The epidemiological situation in the Brcko District is unstable and the number of infected people onCOVIDd-19 is increasing day by day, said the head of the Public Health Department of the District, Andja Nikolic, on Monday.

“A cross-section of the situation we submitted today states that a total of 123 people are positive for coronavirus and that 95 of them are active cases, and 12 people are in hospital. Also, the statement states that 9 new cases have been registered in the last 24 hours cases of COVID-19, and in the meantime we have registered three more people, so that today we have a total of 12 positive, which is a large number for Brcko.The hospital has four people with severe and eight with a moderate clinical picture.

She added thatt he situation is increasingly unfavorable and as the results of the tests arrive, the number of infected people is growing. The picture of the situation is changing from hour to hour.

She emphasized that the current epidemiological situation in the area of the District is the result of relaxation and non-compliance with measures, and that it is a high time that we all take this situation seriously and respect all the proposed measures, that is, that indoors and outdoors, wherever we cannot keep a distance of two meters, we must wear masks, when any symptoms appear, we should report to the doctors immediately and never go to work with a fever.

As of today, all public gatherings in the Brcko District have been banned by the order of the Protection and Rescue Headquarters.

The press release of the Government of the Brcko District of BiH clarifies that any organized gathering of more than 20 people, which is held for the purpose of public expression and promotion of political, social and other beliefs and interests, is prohibited.

Also, the organization of public events, which are gatherings for the purpose of generating income within the registered activity, which, given the expected number of participants or the nature of the public gathering, requires additional security measures, are not allowed.

Other mass gatherings in catering and similar facilities, which according to the number of participants may pose a danger in terms of the spread of coronavirus, are also prohibited.

The order of the Crisis Staff instructs economic entities that perform catering activities in the Brcko District of BiH to organize their work by ensuring physical distance in catering facilities, ie a maximum of two people are allowed to sit at one table, unless it is parents and minors, children or persons living in a common household, with a mandatory distance of two meters between tables.

Also, the owners of catering facilities must place a numerical sign at the entrance to the facility, which represents the total number of persons (guests and employees in the facility) who can be in the facility at the same time.

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