Emile Hirsch: SFF is Fantastic and It has Something Special

emileThe cooperation with Penelope Cruz was wonderful, we enjoyed every day of filming said today for the reporters the main actor of the film “Prince Avalanche” aired last night at the open air cinema, Emile Hirsch after having been the guest of the “Coffee with …” Sarajevo Film Festival.

He worked with Penelope Cruz during the filming of Ponovo rođen” (Reborn) in which played B&H actor Adnan Hasković.

“Penelope Cruz and Adnan Hasković are great colleagues and people”, he said.

Speaking of Sarajevo and especially judging people he commented that they are all friendly and they are nice and smiling.

He added that it is very nice to be back in Sarajevo two years after filming the movie “Ponovo rođen” (Reborn)

“I think that Sarajevo film festival is fantastic, very inspiring and different from others. There is something special about it”, he concluded.

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