Embassy of the Russian Federation in BiH reacted on US Ambassador’s Statments

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Bosnia and Herzegovina announced that it was interested in the statements of the US State Department Special Envoy for the Western Balkans Matthew Palmer and the US Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Eric Nelson.
“According to Mr. Palmer – and it is obvious that he is not the only one of that opinion – that Russia is to blame for all the troubles of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We can comment on such conclusions only with the sentence of Sergei Lavrov: “It is good that we have not yet been blamed for the murder of Franz Ferdinand,” it is stated on the Facebook page of the Embassy of the Russian Federation.
The Embassy points out that, however, Mr. Palmer’s statement that the United States supports the creation of “greater Bosnia and Herzegovina” is very interesting.
“We also noticed a slip in the speech. But in the Balkan conditions, slips of the tongue are usually not noticed. When we talk about something big here, we mean redrawing borders. A clear example is the attempts to create a greater Albania. Will Mr. Palmer’s allegory not become a signal for Bosniaks living in Serbia, Montenegro, the province of Kosovo, North Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia that the time has come to create a “greater Bosnia and Herzegovina”? When the word has already been spoken,” the Embassy of the Russian Federation in BiH stated in their reaction.
They also stated that “the statements of Mr. Nelson, who declares Dayton “retrograde”, are interesting, and that they are interested in what the “creator of the original Dayton” Richard Hoolbruck would say to that and why Nelson immediately points out that sanctions are on the table! And for what? Because of the violation of Dayton (original or modified?) and “corruption”!.
The Embassy of Russia states that it turns out that sanctions are in a friendly fist (hand), just in case.
“Just as in the famous American saying: ‘You can get more with a kind word and a gun, than just with a kind word’, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in BiH stated in their reaction.

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