Elektroprivreda BiH announced the Increase in Electricity Prices

Elektroprivreda BiH announced the increase in electricity prices for all small businesses. The increase in the price of electricity will lead to an increase in the prices of products that will certainly make FBiH economy less competitive and instead of moving towards growth and development of domestic crafts, it will experience stagnation and decline, the FBiH Crafts Chamber said.

“The current price of electricity in craftsmanship is now hardly durable, and brings craftsmanship to the limits of the existential profitability, especially for those occupations where the share of electricity is greater. The FBiH Chambers strongly oppose the increase in prices and will protect the crafts with all democratic and legal means, “the FBiH Crafts Chamber said.

According to the latest indicators, 56,940 employees are employed by the craftsmen, which is 12 percent of employment in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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