Electric-powered Boats to sail on Miljacka River in few Years?

The initiative for activation of the generation project “Clean Miljacka River” was signed between the Fund for the Environmental Protection of the FBiH and the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency of the RS.

“Clean Miljacka” is the name of the wider project “Clean water of Sarajevo basin”, which is aimed at preserving and improving the quality of water and protecting the resources and the ecosystem of the basin areas of the Miljacka River, Zeljeznica River, Zujevina River, Dobrinja and the basin of the Bosna River up to the water station Reljevo. Realization of this project in 32 municipalities of the FBiH and the RS will lead to achievement of other goals, i.e. promotion of tourist locations along Miljacka River.

“We will try to make a good balance of environmental and tourist potential that Sarajevo has through the realization of this project,” said Director of the Fund for the Environmental Protection of the FBiH, Fuad Cibukcic.

He added that the first phase of the project will include cleaning of the Miljacka River up to the entrance to Sarajevo, with the aim of achieving chemically pure water.

“Later on, we will make a dam next to the bridge on Skenderija, in order to raise the level of Miljacka to 1.60 meters, and we will offer a ride with electric boats from the City Hall to Skenderija and back as a tourist attraction,” noted Cibukcic.

He added that they are planning to apply for the EU funds because this is a project where two funds are working on the same task, and the international community will certainly recognize those efforts.

The planned implementation period for the first phase of the project is three to four years, according to the master plan,.

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