Eight Concerts for Chamber Music Festival

sarajevo-chamber-music-festival-2013Sarajevo Chamber Music Festival (SCMF) that will be held from 28th August to 4th September will contain eight concerts of top international and local musicians on stage of the House OR and at the Academy of Music, was released from the directory of the festival.

Sarajevo Chamber Music Festival has become a genuine cultural miracle, occurred from a friendly relation between the Sarajevo Music Academy and the famous Manhattan String Quartet and a number of international artists.

This year, beside the Manhattan String Quartet as a resident ensemble, the special interest is shown for the announcement of the visit of Christopher Taylor, and at the concert will  play a member of the famous Stradivari Quartet, Swiss violist Lech Antonio Uszynski, the first New York Philharmonic clarinetist Stanley Drucker, the most famous Turkish violinist Cihat Askin and prominent B&H musicians, pianist Dino Mulić and Nihad Krečo, flutist Sakib Lačević and clarinetist Vedran Tuce.

The festival is being developed as an initiative of the Music Academy, with its artistic and educational activities wishes to develop in relation to the general public, and as a gift to the citizens and guests of Sarajevo that will receive for free the top world music programs, while in the world, the tickets for these events are very expensive.

Although is unusual for a festival of chamber music, SCMF decided that its mission will be celebrating the pleasure of consciousness, therefore the mission of raising public awareness, and not expected the beautification of the gray reality. This year’s festival programs and campaign of Music Academy will be used for an educational project to promote the message that art, such as from Mozart and Brahms which are the focus this year, is not parasitic and peripheral social activity that needs charity, nor is a fun activity that should temporarily divert attention from the reality with the celebration of the superficial beauty. Completely opposite of all that, the art is valuable as the noble form of externalization of the human spirit, it is one the ways due to which, the person distances from the ground, simple, biological, animal form of existence, it is the brightest product of the spirit of humanity, which in music reaches a maximum level.

Sarajevo Chamber Music Festival can not miss the fact to perform music by Mozart and other great world’s artists, was stated.


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