Edzevit Hasic is a Bosnian who drives the biggest and most modern Bus in the World

March 21, 2018 4:15 PM

Recently, users of social networks in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) have been delighted with the story of Edzevit Hasic, a Bosnian born of Srebrenica, who has is doing a very responsible job in Austria.

Hasic, who currently lives in Linz, is a man who has fled across the Drina River during the persecution from Srebrenica, a place where genocide happened during the war in BiH. When he was 16 years old, he managed to fled to Macedonia via Serbia.

Soon he found himself in Austria, where he educated himself and sought for a better life, and until 1995 he did not know if any of his relatives were still alive or not.

“He started to be successful as a young man, as a child. He has been employed by a state-owned company, city transport, for years, and currently runs the largest and most modern bus in the world, over 25 meters in length,” one of the spokespersons of local media said.

Nevertheless, despite his whole success, Edzevit did not forget his homeland, and every morning he comes to work with the flower of Srebrenica, about which he tells a story to every traveler that is interested.

(Source: radiosarajevo)


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