Dzeko will donate Prize Money to Charity

dzeko2“I was pleasantly surprised with the information that I was rewarded by the Council of Ministers of BiH with the National Award for Sports, for promotion of BiH in the world,” said the representative of BiH and football player of Roma, Edin Dzeko.

Captain of BH selection said that his goal from the day one was to promote our country through his game and behavior and he is proud to be born in BiH.

“I am proud that anywhere I go and anywhere I come, next to my name is the flag of our country and so has always been and will be forever. Each prize, especially the one that comes from my homeland, is especially valuable and important to me,” said Dzeko.

He added that the athletes are the best ambassadors of BiH in the world, so they need the support of the state authorities and fans.

“All of us are proud to wear the coat of arms on our hearts. There were ups and downs, there will be more of them, but the most important thing is that we know where we come from and that we carry kindness, humility, and faith in what we do, and people will, sooner or later, recognize the sincerity of that! Thank you again and I wish you all the best of luck, much love and laughter, less problems, more victories and a lot of health in 2017. We deserved it all together! Love, Edin,” said Dzeko, adding that he will give the prize money to the charity.



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