Dzeko: Is it even possible to comment Pjanic’s Goal?


Edin Dzeko, captain of the national team of BiH, hit Sommer’s network in the 14th minute and opened the door for the victory of Dragons in last night’s match against Switzerland (2: 0).

“We played a great match, especially the first half. In the second half we left the ball to Swiss team and they had more possession, but they had only one or two chances during the 90 minutes of the match, which makes us all happy. We deserved the victory”, stated Dzeko.

Asked to comment Pjanic’s goal for 2: 0, Dzeko briefly said: “Is it even possible to comment that goal? You saw everything”.

Captain of the national team of BiH praised debutants in the national team – Haris Duljevic, Daniel Graovac, Srdjan Grahovac, Mateo Susic and Marin Anicic.

“Debutants are great guys, they did their job maximally and I’m glad that the coach gave a chance to all the players. These 10 days have been very useful, and I congratulate them once again because they are a win for this national team,” said Dzeko.

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