Dzejna Velic from Gorazde drives a Truck weighing 7.5 tons

Dzejna VelicThe life desire of young girl Dzejna Velic from Gorazde is to drive the truck and to do that for living in the future. She is the only girl in Gorazde who passed driving tests of C category in the last 30 years. She is only 18 years old, and she is already driving a truck whose weight reaches 7.5 tons.

“I was always interested in that, although people were saying that driving a truck is man’s job, I would disagree. It was not easy but I wanted to drive a truck since childhood. I enjoy driving and I have never given up on my dreams. Everything happened spontaneously, I first passed the test for B category and I am planning to go further,” said this determined young girl.

Dzejna started to learn how to drive a truck weighing up to 7.5 tons immediately after she successfully passed the test for B category, after which followed a written test for category C. She passed the practical test for driving the truck later and thus became the youngest girl from Gorazde which has permission for this category.

“The training was very interesting, it is not difficult as it might seem, and it was strange to everyone because I’m a girl, but I pass all of that. This will confirm my instructor who was surprised because a girl came at driving school for a truck for the first time ever. However, they all got used to it,” said Dzejna.

Besides being the only girl who can drive the truck, Dzejna is also attending two secondary schools.

“I’m a regular student in the gymnasium, and I also attend the third class of vocational high school where I am training for a driver of motor vehicles, specifically trucks. I am soon finishing both schools, and I will have two diplomas. I am planning to study at the university but I also want to perfect my knowledge of trucks of much greater weight. My wish is to become a professional truck driver one day,” noted Dzejna.

She added that her wish is to learn something new and fulfill her life goals.

“Many young people say that there is no perspective in BiH, but I think that some things must start from us. So I decided to make a little change in my own way. I want to finish school and to show that women can also do things that others consider as impossible,” said young Dzejna.

She has a great support of her family although, as she said, her parents did not take her seriously at the beginning.

“That changed when they realized that my wishes are not just a story and that I am planning to achieve them. I am planning to take my tests when I am 21 years old because it is impossible to do it now due to the law, and until then I will finish my studies at the university. You never know what to expect in the future, and this is a big plus for anyone’s future and not only mine. BiH is full of prejudice against anything and anyone, but that is slowly changing,” concluded Dzejna.

(Source: E. A./Klix.ba)


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