Drivers in Canton Sarajevo generally Respect Ban on EURO 3 Cars


Following the decision by the Sarajevo Canton Government on Saturday to declare an episode of “Alert” due to polluted air, the Cantonal Ministry of Interior is carrying out activities within its jurisdiction to control cars using EURO 3.

Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Internal Affairs spokesman Mirza Hadzabdic told Fena news agency that the implementation of the measures is ongoing and is generally respected by drivers.

“Given the intensity of traffic in the city center, it can be said that the measures are respected and that police officer in the field, in accordance with the available capacities, exclude vehicles from traffic that do not meet the prescribed standards,” said Hadziabdic.

Measures from the Warning and Preparedness episodes are still in effect in all Sarajevo Canton zones.

Sarajevo is the most polluted city in the world again last night. At 20:00 o’clock, the air quality index was as high as 606 and is labeled dangerous.

Dramatic pollution is the reason why the Sarajevo Canton Government declared the episode “alert” during the day by banning the movement of cars with diesel engines of EURO3 standard and smaller in the city’s A zone.

Considering that the air quality index above 50 is considered unhealthy, this situation in Sarajevo is alarming, and doctors recommend to all residents not to go outside.

Be sure to use protective masks, but not ordinary masks, but the ones that are marked EN 149 (FFP2 or EN 149 FFP3).

The measures to be taken as part of the ‘alert’ episode are a ban on the movement of cars whose diesel engines are EURO3 and smaller, and a ban on the movement of trucks whose engines are less than EURO3 in accordance with Article 95 of the Law on Traffic Management in the Sarajevo Canton.

This does not apply to police vehicles, inspections, ministries of defense, public urban transport, public utility companies, vehicles of legal entities carrying out emergency operations for the needs of public utilities, vehicles with diplomatic plates, vehicles of persons with disabilities, taxis and ambulances intervention (civil protection, ambulance, firefighters).

Also, the use of solid fuels and heavy oils is prohibited for all legal and natural persons using them in the technological process.

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