“Dragons“ would get at least nine Million Euros for the Placement at European Championship

The Union of European Football Associations’s (UEFA) Executive Board will provide incredibly 371 million euros for national teams which will participate in the European Championship in 2020.

That means that the 24 national teams which insure the placement at the European Championship will get close to 9 million euros, and for each win in the group stage, they can get an additional 1.5 million euros. UEFA will also reward those teams who have won one point, and they will receive 750.000 euros.

Furthermore, if the national team insures placement in the quaver of the finals, it will receive an additional 2 million euros, while the placement in the quarter of the finals  secure another three million euros. Semi-final placement would grant another five million euros, and the final placement seven million euros.

Therefore, it is clear why the placement at the European Championship should be imperative for the national football team of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and the new selector Robert Prosinecki, since the amount that they would receive for placement, approximately nine million euros, would significantly help in the improvement of BH football.


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