A Double Capacity of BH Train on the Route Sarajevo – Capljina to drive Passengers from now on?

talgo8Just three weeks after the introduction of BH talgo train on the line Sarajevo – Capljina, a double wagon composition yesterday headed south, as announced from the Railways of the FBiH.

“Tickets for the regular nine-wagon composition were quickly sold out, and thus we were forced to increase our capacities with another set of wagons. The reason for this is a better quality of service, attractive prices and increased interest in the tourist season. We connected Sarajevo with the Adriatic Sea, and with the introduction of additional lines Sarajevo-Zenica, which are aligned with the existing ones, we will enable our passengers from this city to travel comfortably and for low prices to Mostar and further to the seaside,” said General Director of this company, Enes Dzafic.

They are expecting even greater interest of our citizens and foreign tourists, considering that new lines will be opened towards Banja Luka and other cities in northern BiH, as well as the numerous benefits planned for passengers of BH train, announced Dzafic.

In the last 15 days, a total of 5,260 passengers were transported on this route, with which the daily average of 350 passengers was recorded.

In accordance with the current tariff policy, the Railways of FBiH offer commercial benefits for certain categories of passengers with the appropriate documentation, including benefit for return tickets of 20 %, student, journalists, pensioners and tickets for persons older than 60 years of 30 % , and benefits for tickets for children from 4 to 12 years of 50 %.

A passenger train on the line Capljina – Sarajevo is departing from Capljina at 7.25 PM and arriving in Sarajevo at 9.59 PM, and passengers will also be able to make a connection with the train Sarajevo – Zenica, with departure from Sarajevo at 10.24 PM and arrival in Zenica at 00.09 AM from July 5, this year.




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