Dodik: If I could, I would never take Anything from the EU


Member of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and SNSD party leader Milorad Dodik said on Saturday that Republika Srpska is capable and organized in combating the spread of coronaviruses, Klix.ba news portal reports.

“In a day when many people thought it was nothing, I had people around me who suggested that the school should be closed immediately. We immediately closed schools, shops, cafes and this proved to be crucial in suppressing the spread of the corona. viruses, “Dodik told RTRS.

He stressed that RS has enough money at the moment and that it will have a significant impact on reducing the losses of the crisis.  Dodik said that in RS, the health care system was able to function and now they are dealing with the economy.

Dodik reminded that the fact that the SDS and PDP did not vote for the state of emergency for some of their reasons, that its introduction was blocked by Bosniaks, but after seven days they agreed because they were pressured by foreigners.

He added that there were additional animosities in the European Union in terms of protection against the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, but that no one said they the country should not stay in the European path.

“But what European path and what Europe, because obviously that Europe we believed in 10 years ago does not exist today and the question is what it will be like in five years,” Dodik said.

Dodik said three days ago in Europe they said they were exempting exports of medical supplies and equipment, and asked why they had not given it a month ago.

“If I could, I would never take anything from them again. When they were unable to say that they were selling RS million masks from Germany or the Netherlands. Why are you selling this to us now, you have seen that we are not dead, so you will sell it now. We will not buy anything from you, “Dodik said.


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