Dodik: Central Election Commission Decision is illegitimate




Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik claims that the decision of the Central Election Commission (CEC) to postpone the elections in the country is illegitimate.

“Postponing does not suit us,” said Dodik referring to SNSD party of whom is the President and stated that they would like the elections to be held within the legally prescribed deadline and that they are ready to support the decision on their financing.

“I believe that with our coalition partners we can achieve great success,” Dodik pointed out for Radio Republika Srpska.

He claims that other political subjects in BiH wanted to prolong the elections.

“The CEC is illegitimate, because no procedure was conducted during the election of its members. It is unbelievable that the OSCE comes out with claims and interferes in some things, but did not react to the election of the CEC members,” said Dodik.

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