Did the Citizens of BiH relax too much after the Mitigation of Measures?

Mitigation of measures in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) after the reduction in the number of newly infected with coronavirus was a relief for both citizens and the economy. Epidemiologists warn that stricter measures will have to be introduced again if the number of infected people increases.

For more than a year, citizens had to follow strict measures almost every day. After the number of newly infected was decreased, the authorities gradually eased the measures, and the citizens became more relaxed. Respondents believe it is too early for large gatherings.

Responses from the conducted survey are listed below: 

“Large concerts should not be organized, not at all. We cannot relax, corona is still out there. ”

”Corona is everywhere. That is not over yet. “

“There are large and small gatherings. People are still not respecting the measures appropriately.”

”There were gatherings. A motor race was held in Trebinje with about 2.000 people at one place. Some condemn this event, others say that ‘life must go on’ while respecting the measures.”

“We had contact with all these people and bikers. Most of them had Covid already. The others were vaccinated, ” told Milan Muratovic, the organizer of the motor race.

Due to the relaxation of citizens when it comes to epidemiological measures, epidemiologists warn of the possibility of an increase in the number of new infections. Itwould lead to the introduction of more strict epidemiological measures.

”We can expect it of course since, in Canton Sarajevo (CS), I believe there are over 2.000 people who are currently in isolation. So we still have seven or eight patients a day. Each of them can spread the infection further if we do not adhere to the measures, ” said Anisa Bajramovic from the Public Health Institute of CS.

“We have post covid complications and they will surely last for another month if there is no new occurrence. Every pandemic lasts for two or three years, so we hope that it will be the same situation in this case. Even though we as doctors make efforts to control it, nature will determine everything, so we just need to be patient and follow the adopted measures, ” told theanesthesiologist at University Clinical Hospital (SKB) of Mostar, Zoran Karlovic, BHRT writes.


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