Denis Bećirović met with the Ambassador of China in BiH

First Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives of BiH Denis Bećirović talked with the Ambassador of PR China in BiH Wang Fuguo about the bilateral relations of BiH and PR China.

They stated that the relations between the two countries are good and without any open issues, and that BiH has a foreign policy interest to continue political, economic and other relations with PR China.

Bećirović and Fuguo concluded that the economic cooperation between the two countries should improve, and Bećirović proposed to improve the capacity of bilateral economic cooperation, and to expand economic cooperation in order to ensure the presence of BiH companies in the Chinese market, especially in the field of pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

He also stressed the need for expanding cooperation in the areas of public works, trade, agribusiness, engineering, services and tourism (especially health tourism), and to devise a joint approach of companies on the markets of third world countries.

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