Demolished Symbol of the old Town in Zepce


With the demolition of the old Beslagic House in Gornja Mahala, Zepce these days has been left without the symbol of the old Bosnian town. The building was in very poor condition, and due to possible destruction, the competent municipal inspection decided to demolish the house.

The inheritors could not restore it but were willing to give it to the state so they could make it a national monument.

According to one of the owners, Zijah Malicbegovic, they offered help to the state institutions with the reconstruction of the buildings in order to preserve the remaining rare historical treasure in Zepce, but they did not agree.

For families who have inherited the building, it was difficult to accept the Municipality’s demolition decision, given the centuries-old family tradition. That decision was made half a year ago.

‘’All of those who could and should have done something to keep the object safe remained silent. The owners tried to restore something with their own funds, but that was not enough to prolong the demolition decision,’’ says Malicbegovic.

The Beslagic House was more than 200 years old and was the latest example of a Bosnian Muslim houses that, until World War II, were part of an old town in Zepce.

Five generations of Beslagic family were born in this house, but nobody lived there for 20 years now. It belonged to the trader from Zepce Alija Saros, and was last renovated 84 years ago. It was associated with many family and old town anecdotes, avaz.ba portal reports.

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