Delegation of the United Arab Emirates to the Government of FB&H

vlada fbihThe Prime Minister of Federation of B&H Nermin Nikšić and the Federal Minister of Transport and Communications Enver Bijedić received today, at the headquarters of the Federal government in Sarajevo, the high delegation of the United Arab Emirates, led by Saif Mohamed Al Hajer.

The focus of the discussion was the possibility of cooperation in the sector of industry. Previously to that Nikšić informed the guests about the fact that in this branch of the economy in 2011 compared to the previous year and thanks to the moves of the FB&H Government, exports has increased with 37 percent.

“We have made a step forward in the industry and we are approaching high standards in this sector. Also, we have the capacity and skilled workforce to provide superior production”, said the Prime Minister.

He also pointed other sectors that might be of interest to foreign investors: the construction of the highway on Corridor 5-C, energy and food production.

According to Al Hajerija, the investors from the United Arab Emirates, the most invest on other countries in regard to the field of telecommunications, tourism, energy and real estate, and the businessmen will get to know about the opportunities for such investments provided by the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In addition, it  was discussed the possibility of establishing direct air line between Abu Dhabi and Sarajevo, which would, without doubt, led to an increase in trade between B&H and United Arab Emirates.

At today’s meeting, the Prime Minister Nikšić had the opportunity to thank the government and the people of the United Arab Emirates for the great support provided during and after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was announced by the Federal Government of B&H.

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