Decision on State of Emergency in Republika Srpska Entity entered into Force


The Republika Srpska (RS) Council of Peoples informed the RS National Assembly that the delegate clubs in the Council of People considered the decision to declare a state of emergency for the territory of RS and its early entry into force, and stated that they did not relate to the vital national interest of the constituent peoples, enabled them to take effect.

“The aforementioned decisions will be immediately referred to the ‘Official Gazette of the Republika Srpska’ after such an attitude of the clubs of delegates in the Council of People for publication today,” is told by the National Assembly of Republika Srpska to Srna news agency.

The Republika Srpska National Assembly adopted the aforementioned decisions on Saturday, March 28th at the proposal of the Government to enable institutions to respond more effectively to the coronarvirus epidemic.

Representatives of Bosniak political parties have announced that they will veto the aforementioned decisions, at a meeting of Republika Srpska President Zeljka Cvijanovic with the Bosniak People’s Deputy Speaker of the RS, Mihnet Okic and MP Edin Ramic, the dilemmas regarding the introduction of an out-of-state solution have been resolved.


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